Toddler Program 2


We have licensed toddler programs (Hagersville and Ilderton location) with a teacher to child ratio of 1:5. Children in this program range from 18 months – 30 months. Educators implement our program statement and policies to provide caring, engaging, and safe environments and experiences for the toddlers. The toddler program spends at least 2 hours a day outdoors (weather permitting) and has a rest/nap time shortly after lunch (12:30-2:30pm). The toddlers learn through relationships, interactions, exploration and play. 

What does our toddler program look like?


  • Our toddlers communication and vocabulary develop as they interact with teachers and peers
  • The toddlers have positive and warm interactions with their teachers throughout the day
  • Teachers help expand children’s vocabulary through songs, stories, interactions and play

Singing, Dancing and the Arts

  • Our toddlers love exploring music by listening to different genres, singings songs, as well as making music with a variety of instruments.
  • Our toddlers enjoy having stories read to them at various times throughout the day as well as different literacy activities.

Exploration Experiences

  • Our toddler program is full of sensory experiences
  • Teachers observe children as they explore new experiences throughout the day to document and share with you

Cognitive Development

  • Toddlers work on various cognitive skills such as identifying colours, shapes and animals. Toddlers also have many opportunities and experiences to develop early math skills
  • Fine motor activities are provided daily for children to work on their skills (i.e. using scissors).

Observations and Communication with parents

  • Strong communication with parents – daily emailed reports with developmental observations, nutritional and care information.
  • Teachers actively observe your child’s development and skills, keeping notes and emailing you on skills they are working on along with pictures

Healthy Children/Physical Activity

  • Our toddlers love to crawl, jump, skip, throw and kick outside in our play yard. They also enjoy going for walks, and being active inside. We strive for our children to get more than enough physical activity in every day.

Outdoor Learning

  • We believe outside is the best place for children to learn. Planned and emergent activities take place in the play yard each day. Children ask questions about things they find in the play yard such as snails, different leaves and the clouds they see in the sky and teachers work to provide them with connections from the natural world to their lives

Quality Care

  • Our teachers work with families to assist in the potty training process of toddlers ready to begin this milestone.
  • AM snack, hot lunch and PM snack are provided – with water provided throughout the day as needed.