We view children as competent, capable and rich in potential. We are very grateful to get to spend our days with children. Every staff at Koala plays an important role in providing care that is reflective of this program statement

We promote the health, safety and well-being.

Children’s needs, health, nutrition, safety and well-being are prioritized at Koala through our policies, procedures and approaches to care. We stay informed and are compassionate and responsive to the children’s individualized needs in all areas of our space and day (kitchen, our classrooms and outdoor play area). Nutritional meals are part of our 4-week rotating menu, with special dietary needs being met with individual family assistance. Koala stays up to date on best practices and regulations from the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit as it relates to our practice.

Our days are balanced and responsive to individual needs.

The day’s schedule is responsive to the needs of the individual children. Children participate in outdoor learning, indoor play, rest or quiet time and opportunities for physical activity

We support positive and responsive interactions and relationships.

Relationships are at the core of our work at Koala. We form positive and responsive relationships throughout our center by working together to create a community that values every voice and person. Positive and responsive interactions and relationships allow us to build a culture where learning can take place. Families know their child best and through regular communication they provide us with new ways of fostering relationships and learning with their children.

We support children in learning how to self regulate and interact/communicate positively.

We acknowledge children’s feelings. We use positive strategies and interactions to develop their abilities to regulate their emotions and behaviours. We work to provide support, encouragement and experiences where children can interact and communicate in positive ways. We help children work through powerful emotions in healthy ways. We understand that every child is different and work to meet them where they are at emotionally, developmentally and socially

Environments and experiences are purposefully planned and support all children’s learning and development.

Our environments are designed to foster expression, well-being, engagement and belonging. Educators create environments and experiences where they can learn and play alongside children. Educators work to ensure every child and family feels included. 

We foster children’s exploration, play and inquiry.

We value the learning that comes from play. We observe children as they explore environments, and work to extend their play and inquiry. We play alongside children in purposeful ways offering new vocabulary or ideas. Educators invite children to engage in active and hands on activities throughout the day. Engaging learning centers, environments and interactions allow children to play, explore and learn. Educators document children’s thoughts, questions and development to share with families and reflect on to continue to enhance and build on the learning they observe.

Children initiate experiences, and educators support them.

Children are given time and resources to explore their own thinking, questions and ideas. Educators are present and engaged with children through this process, learning alongside children as they test their theories and look for answers. Educators observe and focus on children’s natural interests when planning intentional environments and learning opportunities.

We communicate and engage with families often and value their perspective. 

Communication and engagement with parents/guardians are important parts of providing quality care and learning opportunities for children. We communicate with families daily in person, through our online “hi mama” email reports and by telephone. Efforts to engage families through documentation and special events or initiatives take place. 

Local community partners are valued and welcomed in our centers to offer support and guidance.

Our partnerships are an important part of providing quality care. Local community partners are welcomed into the center to offer their invaluable assistance, support and guidance regarding children, staff and families.

We are reflective and lifelong learners.

Early childhood education is a forever evolving and changing field. We support our educators in taking part in ongoing professional development and learning, in order to maintain excellent standards and ensure we are providing the best possible learning and care for our children that we can offer. Pedagogical conversation and reflection are crucial parts in our day to day work and team meeting. 

We continue to grow. 

We document and reflect on our strategies and practice regarding our children and families, in order to improve our practice and enhance our ability to provide “Koala T” care for our children and families.