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"Koala T" Care

Quality care and education for children 0-12 years old (varied by location).

At Koala T. Care Daycare we pride ourselves in providing quality care and education to all children in our programs. We provide a balanced approach to care and learning emphasizing:

Social-Emotional Development
Outdoor Learning/ Providing Connections to the Natural World
Communication & Literacy
Following Children’s Natural Interest & Curiosity
Teachers as facilitators of learning
Independence, Autonomy and Self-Help Skills
Healthy & Active Children
Character Development
Experiences that will encourage learning in all domains (science, geography, math, literacy, arts)
Qualified and responsive teachers

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic began in March 2020, Koala T has dedicated many resources to further improve on our safe and sanitary environment in our centers.

While working closely with local health department regulations/guidelines Koala T has adjusted their policies and procedures to adhere to these requirements whilst still providing a fun and engaging program.

Click below to learn more about our updated policies and procedures or call our center for more info!

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We have been a part of the Koala T Care Daycare family for almost a year, and the group of individuals that our boys are in contact with are caring, professional and dedicated. The staff have done a wonderful job making Koala T an inviting and successful child care centre!

Thank you so much for your responsiveness, attention to detail, and support. We know when our boys are there, they are in a safe, fun place every day. What they have learned at Koala T as well as the warmth and respect that they were and are shown, has enabled the boys to be outgoing, independent, and respectful of others. We are so proud of them and thankful to Koala T teachers and directors for their continual help and support to our family over the past year. We look forward to a continuing relationship for years to come!

Wayne and Jodi L.

Choosing a daycare is not easy, but Koala T Care is amazing. My boys are awesome, and challenging, but their teachers love them. Their teachers care about their development. They brainstorm with me to figure out how to deal with problems, and to make sure that we are being consistent. They take the time to share the boys’ accomplishments with me. We are a team when it comes to making sure my boys have the very best. The teachers at Koala T are people I like to have a conversation with, and not just about the kids. There are great people working here. People who genuinely enjoy the children they care for each day. My boys love their teachers, and feel at home in the daycare. I’ve had requests to please make the lunch or snack they had that day, and “here is the recipe mom!”

Mostly, the point of this is just to say “Thank you”. Thank you for having such a nurturing and supportive environment right here in town. Thank you for being here to support my family. Thank you for looking after our boys each day, for being such a positive force in their lives. Thank you!!

Jessica M

Dear Cherie, and the awesome team of teachers and staff, Thanks a ton for your valuable support!

R. Krishmas

Hagersville Location

4011 Highway 6,
Hagersville, ONT, Canada.

Mon - Fri, 7am - 5:30pm

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Ilderton Location

13271 Ilderton Road,
Ilderton, ONT, Canada.

Mon - Fri, 7am-5:30pm

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