We take great pride in our delicious/nutritious 4-week rotation menu that was created by our CEO, Head Chef and the guidance of a Nutritionist from the Health Unit that exceeds the guidelines of the Canada’s Food guide. We provide meals and snacks that are low in sugar/sodium and low allergen food ingredients to accommodate those children with allergies.

We have created our menus to make meal and snack time more inclusive not only for children with allergies, but for “picky eaters” too, making sure that we offer separate food items versus too many casseroles.

The children and teachers participate in a family style meal/snack times which encourages socialization with peers and teachers, as well as conversations about the food presented to them.

We offer water with snacks and milk for lunch for a well-balanced day! Water is also readily available for children throughout the day.


Koala T provides morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and beverages for children on a daily basis. If your child has allergies, intolerances, or preferences we will work with you to create a routine that works best for you and your child designed to meet their specific needs. Whether it be bringing meals from home or making simple substitutions, we will create a plan that is specific to your child if necessary. 

Of course infants have specific diets and meal plans that we follow based on their eating schedule as well as instructions from parents.

Epicure Partner

With customized recipes created by Koala T, we have  developed a menu that serves meals both low in sugar and sodium as per the Canada Food Guide.

Using recipes and products from Epicure, Koala T has created a menu that far exceeds that of our competitors.