Infant Program 2


We have a licensed infant program (Hagersville location) with a teacher to child ratio of 1:3. Children in this program range from 0-18 months. Educators implement our program statement and policies to provide caring, engaging, and safe environments and experiences for the infants. The infant program is responsive and flexible to the individuals needs of the infants feeding, sleep and play routines.

What does our Infant program look like?


  • Warm and responsive teachers
  • Social and emotional development and positive relationships with teachers and peers
  • Communication encouraged – teachers also work on sign language unless requested otherwise


  • Infants are exposed to varieties of music, songs and stories – developing communication skills and a love for literacy

Play/ Sensory Experiences

  • Sensory based learning – hands on experiences of touch, taste, smell and visual stimulation.
  • Infants learn best through experimenting with toys and objects through play – early numeracy and literacy skills are observed while they problem solve, experiment and play

Physical Development

  • Fun filled day while working on everyday milestones such as sitting up, crawling, walking, standing, fine motor control (pincer g.php), as well as cause and effect.
  • Our infant classroom has ride on toys, equipment to encourage crawling, walking and standing

Communication with Parents

  • Daily emailed reports with developmental observations, nutritional and care information make parents feel better when they have to be away from their babies

Quality Care

  • Individualized schedule (following your child’s meal and sleep schedule).
  • Daily outside time